Thursday, July 29, 2021

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Hospice society that had facility shut down by government aims to open new euthanasia-free hospice

“The government cancelled our contract, took our property, and that was the end of the story,” Delta Hospice Society president Angelina Ireland told True North.

Stephen Harper blasts woke culture in latest podcast appearance

Harper tackled questions on the woke left, pandemic response, fiscal policy, China and globalization during his American Optimist interview with Joe Lonsdale.

LEVY: The activists and leftist Toronto councillors are completely out of touch

As Toronto Police clear the illegal homeless encampments, activists and leftist politicians have done everything in their power to obstruct the police from doing their jobs and enforcing the law.

FUREY: What will the top issues be in the election?

Will political leaders focus on the issues that actually matter to Canadians this election? Or will they focus on obscure tweets from the past and other non-relevant issues?