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Here is the truth: so many of the legacy media outlets, including the CBC, Toronto Star and Postmedia, are dependent on government handouts for their entire existence. These media outlets won’t risk having their funding cut by criticizing the governing party. (And when it comes to so-called journalists in the legacy media, it gets even worse. Did you know that most journalists in Canada are members of Unifor – the trade union that actively campaigned against Justin Trudeau’s political opponents int he last election?)

If you want to be an informed citizen, you need to look past the legacy media.

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Indian politician tells Trudeau to carve out Khalistan within Canada

An Indian politician railed against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by telling him to segment part of Canada and create a new country for Sikh separatists as a diplomatic feud between the two nations intensifies.

How veterans of the Nazi SS Galicia Division got into Canada after the war

As the federal government grapples with the political fallout over giving former SS soldier Yaroslav Hunka a standing ovation in the House of Commons during Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy’s visit, many Canadians are questioning how former Nazis have managed to enter into Canada over the years. 

House Speaker Anthony Rota resigns over honouring Nazi veteran

Anthony Rota has resigned as Speaker of the House of Commons days after he honoured a Ukrainian veteran who fought with the Nazis as a “hero.”

Poland seeks to extradite Nazi veteran honoured in House of Commons

Yarsolav Hunka, the 98-year-old former soldier of a Nazi-division in World War II who received a standing ovation in Parliament on Friday is facing an extradition push from Poland, according to a letter from Polish Education Minister Przemyslaw Czarnek.

The Daily Brief | Will Rota’s resignation be enough?

All parties are calling for House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota to resign after he took responsibility for inviting a Nazi soldier to Parliament. But will Rota’s resignation be enough to justify such an embarrassing incident? Should the government apologize too? Tune into The Daily Brief!