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Here is the truth: so many of the legacy media outlets, including the CBC, Toronto Star and Postmedia, are dependent on government handouts for their entire existence. These media outlets won’t risk having their funding cut by criticizing the governing party. (And when it comes to so-called journalists in the legacy media, it gets even worse. Did you know that most journalists in Canada are members of Unifor – the trade union that actively campaigned against Justin Trudeau’s political opponents int he last election?)

If you want to be an informed citizen, you need to look past the legacy media.

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Poilievre seen as the best candidate for Prime Minister, routing Trudeau

Canadians favour the Conservative Party of Canada’s new leader Pierre Poilievre over Justin Trudeau as their top pick for prime minister. 

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This week on The Rupa Subramanya show, Shaun Rickard and Karl Harrison join the show to discuss the latest developments in their ongoing challenge of the government’s mandates and restrictions.

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Sask. government claims woman died of “natural causes” minutes after receiving booster

A Saskatchewan woman has been left devastated after her mother died suddenly in a local Shoppers Drug Mart minutes after allegedly receiving her Covid-19 booster dose on Sept. 14. 

Canadians flock to Alberta amid cost of living crisis

A new report from the Alberta Treasury Branch found that almost 10,000 more people moved to Alberta from other parts of Canada in the second quarter of 2022.