The Chinese consulate released a statement on Saturday attacking Alberta Premier Jason Kenney after he accused China of covering up the severity of the coronavirus. 

The statement which was posted on the official website of the Chinese consulate-general in Calgary accused Kenney of attempting to please US President Donald Trump. 

“A final friendly reminder for the Premier: You are based in Edmonton not in Ottawa,” claimed the statement. 

“And your China-blaming comment might not please Mr. Trump since he will not spare a glance, let alone those American audiences as many of them are not fond of Mr. Trump, but instead, have profitable and unshakable businesses with China.”

Last week, Kenney called for a “great reckoning” on China during a meeting with the Canadian American Business Council.

During the meeting, he stated that the Chinese Communist Party was responsible for the “devastating public health and economic damage” being experienced by the world. 

“I think the Chinese government played a significant role in the devastating public health and economic damage that is being experienced by the entire world. I do not think we should just forget this and walk past it. I think there is going to be, and there must be, a great reckoning for the role that China has played in this,” said Kenney. 

“The fact that China allowed people to fly around the world from Wuhan even when they blocked Wuhanese travellers from the rest of China must never be forgotten. The role they played in suppressing whistle-blowing scientists who as early as December were reporting human to human transmission.” 

Kenney’s remarks strayed from the friendly tone the federal government has extended towards the Chinese regime.

At the beginning of May, Chinese Ambassador Cong Peiwu praised Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approach to the country as being “cool-headed” as opposed to Trump’s alleged “smearing.” 

“I believe that Canada has adopted a cool-headed approach,” Cong said.

“We appreciate that. The most important task, currently, is to focus our energy on fighting the pandemic.”

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