The World Health Organization is refusing to honour a summons for Canadian official Bruce Aylward to testify before the House of Commons health committee. 

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the WHO’s refusal is the latest in a number of rejections for Aylward to testify.

“From day one the Organization acted to respond as rapidly as the science, evidence and reporting to WHO would allow,” wrote the organization in a letter to the committee.

Critics have accused Aylward of praising China throughout the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic. 

On February 25, Aylward claimed that China had “done a huge amount of work” and was “successful” in its handling of the virus. 

According to a University of Sherbrooke Study titled WHO Global Response To COVID-19: Communicating Risk, Risky Communications, the UN agency repeatedly praised China without good reason. 

“China’s actions were praised on multiple occasions by the WHO without scientific background and context,” claimed the study. 

“The World Health Organization in Situation Reports wrongly identified the global risk assessment for three days in a row. This created confusion.” 

In April, Aylward ignored a second request by the committee to testify on the agency’s handling of the coronavirus.

Instead of showing up in person, the WHO sent a lawyer in Aylward’s place to notify them that they could send written questions to the organization indirectly. 

Earlier that month, Aylward also shirked his duty to testify after cancelling his appearance at the last minute. 

Since the outset of the pandemic, the WHO has repeatedly flubbed its coronavirus response and kowtowed to China. 

In a tweet dated to January 14, the WHO spread the false claim made by Chinese officials that there was no “human-to-human transmission,” despite warnings from Taiwan that it had been detected.

Aylward also abruptly ended an interview with Hong Kong outlet RTHK after he was asked why Taiwan was not admitted to the UN body as a member state. 

In a widely shared video interview with the Hong Kong outlet RTHK, Aylward is seen not responding to repeat questions regarding Taiwan’s membership in the UN body.