Donors to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign are among a group of New York lawyers who donated to the reelection of Liberal Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller.

According to Elections Canada filings obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter, a total of five American lawyers donated $3,730 to Miller during the 2019 federal election, two of which are known to have also donated to Clinton. 

Miller attended a private fundraiser in New York City in October, 2019 to collect fundraise for his election campaign. He received contributions from a total of 27 people.

The event was not public and the location was kept a secret. Miller has refused to name any of the attendees. 

According to the Canada Elections Act It is illegal for candidates to accept donations from non-citizens during an election.The United States Federal Election Commission prohibits non-Americans from donating to presidential campaigns, so anyone who donated to both Miller and Clinton must either have been a dual citizen, or in contravention of one of the country’s election laws.

True North founder Candice Malcolm previously reported that one of the event’s organizers was Justin Cooper, a former senior aide to Hillary Clinton who helped set up her infamous illegal email server.

In June 2020 Elections Canada cleared Miller off any wrongdoing, saying there was no evidence any of the donors weren’t Canadian citizens.

“We found no information to suggest the individuals who made contributions to Mr. Miller’s campaign through the association were not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada,” the agency said. 

When contacted by Blacklock’s Reporter, Miller refused to comment.

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