Canadians see the Communist Chinese regime as the biggest threat to Canada’s national security, according to a recent report by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

“A clear majority, 58%, see China as the biggest threat to Canada,” said a report titled Attitudes To CSIS. “It is followed distantly by Russia (18%), North Korea (10%) and Syria (4%).”

First reported by Blacklock’s Reporter, the report reveals that Canadians were particularly concerned about espionage against Canadian companies.

“Respondents were asked whether they were more concerned about espionage against classified government information or about economic espionage against Canadian companies. Results reveal somewhat mixed views. 50% feel espionage against Canadian companies is more of a concern,” wrote researchers.

The Canadian government and a number of allies recently blamed the communist regime for a massive cyberattack that compromised thousands of computers around the world earlier this year. 

In March, it was revealed that hackers exploited Microsoft Exchange emails. The federal government estimates 400,000 servers were compromised.

A number of foreign affairs experts are sounding the alarm on China’s aggressive behaviour and are calling on the Canadian government to do more to protect its citizens.

Canada’s former Ambassador to China David Mulroney recently tweeted that he believes the Canadian government has become “in-ward focused.” 

“China is emboldened because it believes that the West, Canada included, isn’t just in retreat — it’s collapsing on itself. This isn’t abstract Marxist theory. It comes from reading our papers, listening to our artists, athletes, academics, politicians,” tweeted Mulroney.

“Especially our politicians. National politicians, like the Prime Minister, are not more thoughtful, or even particularly concerned about how their statements resonate abroad, indicates how obsessively, narrowly, and dangerously inward-focused government has become.”

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