Immigrants and minorities reported more pride in Canada’s equal treatment of people regardless of background than Canadian-born respondents did, a Statistics Canada survey reveals. 

According to data obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter, 63% of immigrants said that they were proud of how the country treats people equally.

In comparison, 43% of Canadian-born respondents reported similar feelings of pride. 

The numbers come from Statistics Canada’s General Social Survey: Social Identity.

 “For immigrants, pride in how Canada treats all groups in society is connected to the time since their arrival in Canada,” wrote researchers. 

Newcomers who came to Canada in the past five years were the most enthusiastic about how welcoming Canada is with 78% of respondents expressing pride in the nation, additionally, 68% of longtime residents reported the same. 

When broken down by ethnicity, only 44% of white Canadians expressed feelings of pride in Canada’s treatment of “all groups in society.” Meanwhile, 53% of black Canadians reported the same, 57% of Chinese Canadians, 72% among Arab Canadians and 77% among those who identify as West Asian. 

According to Statistics Canada, the data was obtained at the same time Black Lives Matter protests were being held across Canada and the US. 

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau indefinitely lowered the Canadian flag to half-mast following several burial site announcements at former residential schools.

In a recent poll, a majority of Canadians stated that they favoured raising the Canadian flag back to its original position by October 1st. In total, 64% of Canadians supported the idea of raising the flag by that date. 

Trudeau has not yet recommitted to raising the flag.