As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes his rounds during a series of international summits including the ongoing COP26 conference, legacy media journalists are clocking in their working hours by complaining about the weather and long security lines. 

To date, over 400 private jets have been used to escort global leaders, their delegations and members of the media to attend the Glasgow conference. According to a recent report, the flights alone are estimated to have caused over 13,000 tonnes of CO2 pollution. 

Prior to that, world leaders met in Italy for a G20 meeting and Trudeau concluded a bi-lateral meeting in the Netherlands.

Among the Canadian media outlets to have attended the events include the CBC, Global News and CTV News.  

True North has compiled some of the most bizarre reporting coming out of Trudeau’s latest international junket by Canada’s legacy media below.  

CBC reporter fawns over Trudeau lookalike

As delegates were gearing up for COP26 this week, CBC senior writer John Paul Tasker fawned over a series of tweets about Dutch GreenLeft Party leader Jesse Klaver, who he noted had an “uncanny resemblance” to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

Journalists complain about “massive lineups” 

CTV journalist Glen McGregor shared a photo of crowds of delegates and media attempting to enter COP26 in Glasgow on Monday, complaining that the gathering was “not COVID-safe.” 

McGregor was not alone in his dissatisfaction with having to wait in line. He was also joined by CBC’s John Paul Tasker and David Cochrane who also noted the long lineups.

Global News reporter says international trips are not vacations for journalists

While Trudeau was still in Italy for the G20 conference, Global News reporter Sean O’Shea rushed to the defense of his colleagues saying that international trips to cover summits were not vacations for reporters. According to O’Shea the extra deadlines and being in an odd time zone disqualifies the trip from being considered a vacation.

CBC reporter highlights Trudeau’s private Jaguar escort

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s private vehicle made an appearance in COP26 reporting by CBC journalist Jean Paul Tasker as the Canadian leader arrived for the conference.

Journalist reports on “chilly wind” knocking over banner

CBC reporter David Cochrane took to Twitter to inform Canadians that a COP26 banner had been knocked over by Glasgow’s “chilly wind.”

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