UCP MLA Jason Stephan denounced Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the Alberta legislature on Wednesday, accusing him of inflaming separatism and being the first “NDP Prime Minister in Canada.” 

Stephan made the comments while debating equalization. 

“I’m wondering if that socialist tendency to forsake self-reliance – you know, Justin Trudeau, first NDP Prime Minister in Canada. I’m wondering if the members opposite as well are being influenced by their socialist tendencies against self-reliance,” said Stephan while addressing the Alberta NDP.

“He is also Canada’s first separatist Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau appointed Stephen Guilbeault as Canada’s new environment minister, and appointed Jon Wilkinson to be the minister of resources.”

Stephan also went on to say the Liberal government has it out for Albertans.

“Alberta businesses and families should not be subject to unprincipled federal politicians who have demonstrated that they will not hesitate to attack the livelihoods of Alberta individuals and families to further their political ambitions for power,” said Stephan.

“Canada is spending itself into oblivion, threatening to take Alberta down with it, adopting policies of economic self-destruction, undermining the capacity of Alberta businesses and families to provide for themselves and others. What Canada was is less important to what it is and what it’s becoming. When legal plunder displaces work as a ruling principle, a sustainable society is lost. I mean this in all sincerity.”

Critics of Trudeau have accused him of alienating the province through his anti-oil policies, including his announcement at COP26 of a cap on emissions in the energy sector. 

In response to the announcement, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney chastised Trudeau for ignoring the needs of Albertans and not consulting with his government on. 

“I don’t know why they would make such an announcement without consulting the province with the most oil and gas reserves in Canada,” Kenney said.

“The (federal government) has zero chance of achieving its greenhouse gas reduction goals without Alberta’s oil and gas industries. Let’s be a partner in that.”

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