A growing chorus of Conservative MPs is speaking out in support of the massive Truckers for Freedom Convoy as it barrels towards Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates and an erosion of freedoms under Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

Siding with the mass movement of truck drivers, these Conservative MPs are breaking with party leader Erin O’Toole, who has evaded questions on whether he supports the convoy and whether he will even meet with them once they arrive at the capital.

Among the prominent Conservative voices speaking in support of the truckers are finance critic Pierre Poilievre, deputy leader Candice Bergen, infrastructure critic Andrew Scheer, Canadian heritage critic Kevin Waugh, MP Leslyn Lewis and others. 

Pierre Poilievre slams hypocrite Trudeau for punishing truckers 

Leslyn Lewis stands by convoy’s peaceful protest

Martin Shields awaits anti-mandate trucking convoy

Earl Dreeshen posts supportive image on Facebook

Kevin Waugh meets with convoy in Saskatoon

Shannon Stubbs supports Convoy for Freedom

Andrew Scheer thanks truckers

Candice Bergen supports peaceful trucker convoy protest

Jeremy Patzer observes huge crowds awaiting convoy 

Ryan Williams supports the truckers

Brad Redekopp stands with trucker convoy

Warren Steinley meets with truckers

Brad Vis stands behind truck drivers

Rachel Thomas stands with truckers

Dean Allison tells truckers to “keep on peacefully and respectfully trucking!”

Candice Bergen supports Canadian Truckers

John Barlow supports Canadian truckers

Kelly Block stands up for truckers

Bob Zimmer supports Canadian Truckers

Mel Arnold stands up for truckers