Liberal Minister of Canadian Heritage Pablo Rodriguez has not only applauded legacy media journalists for their skewed coverage of the Freedom Convoy protests but has also hinted they are entitled to even more government funding for it.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the praise occurred during a webinar last month titled The Future of News, which was hosted by the Liberal-connected Ottawa think tank, Canada 2020. Canada 2020’s executive chair was one of the Liberal Party of Canada’s past presidents. 

Rodriguez appeared alongside executives from federally subsidized media outlets including The Logic and The Narwhal.

“You guys are there to cover what happens in the society at all levels. Look at the role that the journalists played during what happened in the last few weeks in Ottawa and elsewhere,” Rodriguez told participants. 

While speaking, Rodriguez also promised that there was more the Liberal government could do to “support” the legacy news. 

“I think there are even more things we should be able to do. We’re looking into that in the context of supporting the whole ecosystem,” said Rodriguez.

“We need to have those people who are totally free to say, ‘You know what, Minister, what you say is not good, it’s not factual, maybe you’re wrong on this or on that. As a politician I have to face those questions every day, tough questions all the time.”

Despite Rodriguez’s remarks, legacy media outlets have been overwhelmingly supportive of government media subsidies and the government’s negative response to the Freedom Convoy. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his caucus had characterized the peaceful demonstrators as extremists, domestic terrorists and fascists even before they reached Ottawa, and were aided in their smear tactics by government-funded media.

One CBC reporter even invented a conspiracy live on air that the protests were organized by Russia. Despite cases of disinformation peddled by the state broadcaster, however, Trudeau’s heritage minister continued to target “unacceptable, hateful content” perpetrated by others. 

“The internet has allowed for more misinformation and disinformation, more polarization than ever before. Just look at what happened over the past few weeks for compelling evidence of that,” said Rodriguez.

“It also changed the way we make, how we find, how we consume content especially when it comes to news, and it sadly makes it so much easier for us all to be exposed to and hurt by unacceptable, hateful content. It’s time to act decisively and Canadians expect it, and that’s what we’re doing.”

In his mandate letter, Rodriguez was tasked with implementing several pieces of legislation including Bill C-11 and Bill C-36 which critics have called authoritarian and a threat to freedom of expression. 

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