More top police experts are doubting the effectiveness of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ban on handguns. 

As first reported by Blacklock’s Reporter, Regina police chief and the president of the National Police Federation (NPF) Brian Sauve told the House of Commons public safety committee that Bill C-21 will not address violent gun crime. The NPF represents RCMP officers. 

“Firearms will continue to make their way into Canada,” explained Sauve. 

“(The bill will) not address issues of organized crime nor gang violence, illegal weapon smuggling, systemic causes of crime or emerging threats.”

According to Sauve, the law pushed through by the Liberal government without debate doesn’t address the “root problem” of crime. 

“Bill C-21 narrowly focuses on the tool or the firearm and not the criminal activity surrounding it,” he said. 

“By only addressing the tool you are failing to address the root problem.”

Sauve’s testimony echoes statements made by dozens of law enforcement officials throughout Canada. 

As reported by True North earlier this year, Toronto Deputy Police Chief Myron Demkiw also told parliament that a handgun ban would “certainly not” deal with the city’s surging crime problem. 

“Our problem in Toronto are handguns from the United States,” said Demkiw in February. 

“The issues around investing in what you described is certainly not going to deal with the crime problem we’re facing in Toronto, as it relates to the use of criminal handguns.”

Earlier this month, Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs called the bill a “gun-confiscation” law. 

“Under the NDP-Liberals, violent crime has increased in cities like Toronto and Vancouver. They have failed to eliminate the illegal guns used in those crimes, and put end gang activity in communities across Canada,” tweeted Stubbs on Oct. 12. 

“The NDP-Liberals want to push through Bill C-21, their gun-confiscation bill, when the Department of Public Safety stated it “has no specific research indicating new gun controls will reduce gun crime.”