An Ottawa city councillor is trying to get a venue to cancel a Jordan Peterson event happening Monday night.

On Friday, Coun. Ariel Troster wrote to the Canadian Tire Centre, asking the venue to reconsider hosting the Ottawa stop of the Canadian psychologist’s Beyond Order tour. 

“His hateful rhetoric has no place in our city,” she wrote. 

According to Troster, Peterson mocks transgender people, and vocally supported the “Freedom Convoy,” which she says caused extreme harm.

“For three weeks, downtown residents were subject to the sound torture of constant honking,” writes Troster. She alleged the protest openly displayed symbols of white supremacy, and harassed minority groups hundreds of times.

Troster’s letter comes just over a week after activist groups asked all of city council to publicly denounce Peterson’s event and push for its cancellation.

Peterson replied to the letter, specifically the part where Troster said Peterson called a former city coucillor “a thing.”

“Actually I called the good councillor, who was casting unwarranted aspersions on the Trucker’s Protest, an ‘appalling self-righteous moralizing thing,’ he wrote.

Peterson’s show is still scheduled to proceed on Monday.