Public-transit riders across the country are growing scared for their safety, according to a new poll.

In the Ipsos poll released on Monday, one-in-four respondents said public transit is dangerous, and many reported changing their behaviour to safeguard against a rising risk of violent attack.

“Many feel attacks might be part of a concerning, wider trend,” Ipsos wrote of a recent rise of violent attack in Toronto.

As True North reported in January and CTV News reported in February, public transit in Toronto came to widespread attention after a string of incidents including stabbings on city buses.

In Ipsos’ Monday report, more than half of respondents said attacks are a growing trend in Canada, and many are adjusting to safeguard themselves against the risk.

Respondents reported they are now avoiding public transit at night (19%), taking precautions such as carrying pepper spray (17%), and avoiding transit use entirely (14%).

Less than half (45%) reported they have not changed their behaviour.

The Ipsos poll was conducted via online interview of 1,350 Canadians aged 18+ between February 15th and 17th.