As of July 1st, federal government workers and their families will be entitled to up to $75,000 in reimbursements for “gender-affirming procedures.” 

Gender-affirming care can include a wide range of practices ranging from hair removal to more invasive surgeries such as a vaginoplasty. 

True North first reported the incoming federal insurance policy changes last year

According to the new policy’s details, coverage is capped at 80% for procedures performed in Canada.

To become eligible for the claim, federal workers must be over the age of 18, receiving physician care for gender affirmation, do not have other coverage options, prove their receiving a medically necessary procedure and have pre-approval. 

One federal worker cited by CBC News said that they plan on using the funds to receive a phalloplasty – or the artificial creation of a penis using tissue from the forearm. 

“If more and more employers have [this coverage], it gives you the power to talk to the provinces and territories and ask them to have equitable coverage for everyone,” said Gabriel Lanthier. 

Other governments have also embraced covering “gender affirming” services for public servants at the expense of taxpayers. 

An updated Yukon Health Care Insurance plan includes new coverage eligibility for facial feminization, vocal surgery and hair removal.

“This addresses the gap Yukoners faced when accessing gender-affirming care offered in private facilities,” a news release explains. 

“Yukoners can now access services including tracheal shave, facial feminization, body contouring, vocal surgery and hair removal without having to pay out-of-pocket.”