A recent survey of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) employees found a desire among some public sector workers to see their fellow colleagues who resisted or even “subtly protested” mandatory anti-racism training fired or not hired to the department in the first place. 

Last year, IRCC hired Pollara Strategic Insights to conduct an Anti-Racism Employee Qualitative Research survey for $99,779. 

The resulting report was delivered to the federal government at the end of March and recently published to the Government of Canada website. The study consisted of 15 focus groups and 6 interviews with 62 employees at IRCC. 

One of the primary takeaways was that the government take steps to make “anti-racism values” a “prerequisite for hiring and promotions.” 

“Many add that this must be backed by a willingness to remove employees who do not meet these criteria,” wrote the report’s authors. 

One survey participant complained that they were “not convinced” the government was taking anti-racism seriously because there were people who reacted negatively to training which made them “hardline racists” according to the anonymous IRCC employee. 

“There are some people who are true hardline racists. It’s the way they react, subtly protesting things,” said the anonymous IRCC worker. 

Another IRCC employee said that “some people need to be taken out” for not complying with the federal government’s anti-racism mandate. 

“Some people do need to be fired, not just, ‘Oh, let’s go train.’ If you are a problem, you are a legal liability, and some people need to be taken out,” said another IRCC employee. 

“There are people who are extremely cynical. I see it in the trainings. We need to weed those people out. If you don’t support this, don’t work at our department,” a different interviewee claimed. 

In 2021, the IRCC adopted its “Anti-Racism Strategy 2.0” to tackle the issue of so-called systemic racism within Canada’s immigration system. Some of the initiatives include race-based hiring initiatives, mandatory anti-racism training, data collection on ethnicity and other programs. 

As reported by True North last year, the program included an admission that the purpose was to “permanently embed” far-left woke ideology into Canada’s immigration system. 

Participants of the latest survey, however, wanted to see the IRCC go even further in its efforts to root our alleged racism within the department. One interviewee called on the department to create “some kind of test” to root our supposed racists from the application process. 

“The same way you have to pass a drug test to work at the RCMP, IRCC needs to have some kind of test to rule out hiring racists,” the IRCC employee said.