A federal “anti-racism” strategy guide details plans to “permanently embed” far-left woke ideology into Canada’s immigration system. 

The 40-page Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada: Anti-Racism Strategy 2.0 provides a detailed update on how the department plans on combatting so-called “systemic racism” within Canada’s immigration system. 

Buried in the middle of the report, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada propose that its proposed “anti-racist” strategy becomes a permanent feature of the government department, adding that it should be set up in such a way that it can’t be overturned by future governments. 

“Ensure that the commitment to Anti-Racism work is permanently embedded in the Department’s structure and that senior management will be accountable for results on an ongoing basis regardless of changes in government or personnel,” the report claims. 

“Anti-racism” is a practice predicated on woke leftist concepts and often includes racially-based hiring practices. “Anti-racism” policies often make reference to concepts such as “deocolonization” or that people hold inherent “white privilege.”  

“The conscious opposition to racist theories, attitudes and actions. Anti-racism is not just about being against the idea of racism. It is also about taking active steps to fight against it,” writes staff in a glossary definition of the term.

Measures proposed by the department include mandatory “unconscious bias training” and “anti-racism” performance targets. 

“Requiring employees and executives to take mandatory unconscious bias training and having anti-racist objectives included in performance agreements,” wrote staff.

“Continue hammering Anti-Racism commitments, dedicating resources to track progress and drive home the message that this issue is not just talk.”

Other initiatives include introducing an equity report card for each department that would grade “anti-racism” performance in hiring or promotion. 

The glossary section of the guide also states that so-called “white privilege” can also extend to people who are not light-skinned. 

“(White privilege means” benefitting from unearned power, advantages, access and/or opportunities based on being white or being perceived as white,” wrote staff. 

“White people are defined as belonging to any of the various peoples with light-coloured skin, usually of European origin. The term has become an indicator less of skin colour and more of an unquestioning acceptance of the legacies and ongoing practices of white supremacy and colonialism.”

Other federal departments have developed “anti-racism” policies and embedded woke ideology into their respective organizations.

An exclusive report by True North from Feb. on internal documents from Foreign Affairs Canada revealed a foreign service obsessed with concepts like “microagression,” “anti-racism” and “ambient bigotry” in hiring.  

“People naturally choose people they want to work with. ‘Right fit’ is the central principle and this gives free reign to ambient bigotry and can amplify it,” staff complained in the report.