Laith Marouf, a former anti-racism contractor for the Canadian government, returned to social media following Hamas’ terror attack on Israel to attack Jewish people online and has since left a trail of deranged hatred in his wake. 

His story is one that strikes at the heart of the current spike in antisemitism washing over Canada. 

Marouf, the son of a Syrian diplomat, has a long and storied past making dehumanizing statements about Jews and Israel. 

The former disgraced “anti-racist consultant” had previously been embroiled in controversy for receiving more than $600,000 in government grants despite a history of hate speech and extremist views.

Marouf’s latest suspension on X follows a string of troubling posts in which he launched explicit antisemitic attacks against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Jewish community. 

Posting from his home in Lebanon, Marouf wrote, “Go drink the sea of Gaza, you little Zionist b—h,” Marouf posted.

“Zionism is Nazism, and Apartheid Canada was a model for both of them. As soon as we liberate Palestine, we will be aiding our Indigenous relatives to liberate theirs. We will bring you to trial for your crimes.

Laith Marouf post

He also made threats against University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist and former chief of staff to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Norm Spector, suggesting the formation of “Zionist-Hunter squads” and calling for trials in an imagined Hamas-occupied Jerusalem. 

“Shut up little Jewish White Supremacist turd. We will crush your Jewsader Colony … after, we will be hunting down all Zionists and bring them to stand trial in liberated Palestine,” said Marouf. 

The antisemitic posts come more than a year after Marouf’s government-funded role as an anti-racism contractor was exposed.

The Canadian federal government, under Trudeau, granted him $133,000 to lead an “anti-racism strategy for Canadian broadcasting,” a decision that sparked widespread criticism once past X posts surfaced. .

At the time, Marouf expressed vile viewpoints comparing the Palestinian offer of peace to Zionists to Saladin’s offer to Crusaders. Marouf further made inflammatory remarks, stating that life is too short to entertain “Jewish White Supremacists” and suggesting violence, including a reference to a “bullet to the head.”

“You know all those loud mouthed bags of human feces, aka the Jewish White Supremacists; when we liberate Palestine and they have to go back to where they came from, they will return to being low voiced bitches of their Christian/Secular White Supremacist Masters,” posted Marouf.

Additionally, he claimed that once Palestine is liberated, the Jewish population would be expelled to “go back to where they came from,” accompanied by derogatory language against Jewish individuals.

Despite being severed from government-funded initiatives, Marouf has continued to make headlines for his extremist views and recently resurfaced online to harass his critics

Although his latest X account, KingofLionKings, has been suspended, he still managed to deliver a stream of taunts and violent threats against Canadian commentators before once again being blocked by the platform.

The Trudeau government’s handling of the Marouf scandal has also faced scrutiny, with conflicting statements from officials about their awareness of Marouf’s background. Former Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez claimed he was not informed about funding an antisemite, a statement contradicted by reports suggesting otherwise.

Last year, Liberal MP Anthony Housefather accused the government of being aware of Laith Marouf’s antisemitic views before the issue gained widespread attention. In an interview with the National Post, Housefather claimed that he personally informed Hussen about Marouf’s antisemitic remarks and urged the minister to cut funding for Marouf’s organization, the Community Media Advocacy Centre (CMAC).

Housefather expressed disappointment that the government did not act promptly upon learning about Marouf’s views, stating that he persistently communicated with Diversity and Inclusion Minister Ahmed Hussen, advocating for the cancellation of the contract with CMAC and asserting that action could have been taken more swiftly.

“I said the contract had to be cancelled. I alerted him and I persistently communicated with the minister in his office, from the day I learned about it, until today, and aggressively demanded that action be taken. Action could have been taken more quickly,” said Housefather.

As of this year, the Liberal government has not yet recovered the funds paid to “anti-racist” consultant Laith Marouf, and there has been no disciplinary action or firings at the Ministry of Canadian Heritage, despite approving the contract despite Marouf’s history of antisemitism. 

On X, Marouf addressed the funding, claiming that the Canadian government will never recover the funds. 

 “Clutch your purses Jewsaders!… Your Crime Minister can’t get the money back with all the might of Apartheid Canada,” said Marouf.