The Trudeau government announced that it will be granting special measures to Iranians living in Canada, regarding extensions on their student and work visas to allow them to stay in the country longer. 

The extension comes in response to the Iranian government’s continued crackdown on demonstrators protesting human rights. 

The government had initially implemented temporary measures last February to allow Iranians living in Canada on student visas and work permits to stay longer, with a scheduled expiry deadline set for this past Thursday. 

The recent adjustment announced on Thursday will now allow for Iranians already here to stay until the end of February 2025 at no extra cost, according to the National Post.

Additionally, the newly announced measures also include a provision to allow Canadians currently living in Iran to apply for passports or other travel documents for free.

The Iranian government has increasingly been suppressing any protestors involved in the Women, Life, Freedom movement.

The movement began in 2022 in response to the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman who was imprisoned for refusing to wear the hijab. Amini died while incarcerated.

Numerous demonstrators have been arrested, imprisoned and killed by Iranian authorities over the past two years. 

Currently, there is no formal diplomatic relationship between Canada and Iran.