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Premiers across Canada and across party lines are uniting against the carbon tax as the affordability crisis worsens for Canadians. But lucky for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he has the CBC to defend him. This week, a CBC journalist argued that the carbon tax is a great environmental policy but has been marketed poorly. It’s no wonder the state broadcaster is getting more money than ever from the Trudeau government.

Plus, as the U.S. mulls over the idea of increasing the retirement age to 70, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro argues in favour of the policy change and says retirement is actually a bad idea for many people if they can’t find purpose. Should Canada raise the age of retirement? What do you think?

And should Canada ban the Chinese-owned app TikTok? As the U.S. inches closer to banning the controversial social media app, Canada is monitoring the situation and revealed that it undertook a national security review of TikTok last year.

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