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It’s Friday! Kick back, grab a drink and enjoy the latest episode of Off the Record with Rachel Emmanuel, Noah Jarvis and William McBeath!

Conservatives are up in the polls and everybody knows what that means – abortion scare tactics! This week, Liberal MPs hosted a press conference and accused Pierre Poilievre of infringing on women’s bodily autonomy. Usually the legacy media would eat up these desperate attacks but this time, even Trudeau-friendly reporters called out the Liberals for crying wolf once too often. Sad!

Plus, a new study reveals that the Online News Act, which forces big tech companies to pay legacy media outlets, is a complete failure. Despite Meta’s continuing ban on news content, Canadians are still using Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram and the law has negatively impacted local news outlets.

And a Calgary judge has ruled that a northwest Calgary home can continue hosting group sex parties, but the organizers aren’t allowed to call it a club. …So that’s interesting.

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  • Rachel Emmanuel

    Rachel is a seasoned political reporter who’s covered government institutions from a variety of levels. A Carleton University journalism graduate, she was a multimedia reporter for three local Niagara newspapers. Her work has been published in the Toronto Star. Rachel was the inaugural recipient of the Political Matters internship, placing her at The Globe and Mail’s parliamentary bureau. She spent three years covering the federal government for iPolitics. Rachel is the Alberta correspondent for True North based in Edmonton.

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