CPC Leadership Race 2022

Conservative Leadership Series: Leslyn Lewis

In this wide-ranging interview as part of True North’s Conservative Leadership Series, Leslyn Lewis speaks to Andrew Lawton about what Canada’s relationship with the World Health Organization and World Economic Forum, what a Conservative environmental policy should look like, identity politics, and more.

Charest says vaccine mandates “keep public sector workers safe” in campaign mailout

Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate Jean Charest said vaccine mandates “keep public sector workers safe” in a campaign mailout obtained by True North.

Leslyn Lewis pledges to oppose WEF policies that “undermine” Canada’s sovereignty

Conservative leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis thinks Pierre Poilievre’s promise to bar Conservative cabinet ministers from attending World Economic Forum (WEF) events doesn’t go far enough.

Poilievre ditches 3rd leadership debate, Lewis questions purpose of debate

The Pierre Poilievre campaign has announced that the perceived frontrunner will not be participating in the third Conservative leadership debate in August. Meanwhile, leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis is questioning the party's decision to hold another debate.

Poilievre proposes Billy Bishop Airport expansion, allowing passenger jets

Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre has proposed reviving an expansion of Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport to accommodate passenger jets, an initiative the Trudeau government scrapped upon their initial election in 2015.

Pro-life organizations united behind Leslyn Lewis, split on ranking other candidates

Lewis is the only pro-life person running to lead the Conservatives. All the other candidates, including front-runner Pierre Poilievre, have expressed their support for abortion rights.

Patrick Brown seeking re-election as Brampton mayor after Conservative leadership DQ

Brampton, Ont. Mayor Patrick Brown says he will seek another term as mayor of Brampton following his disqualification from the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership race.

Poilievre favoured by Conservative voters: poll

A Leger-Postmedia poll conducted between June 30 and July 3 saw 48% of Conservative supporters choose Poilievre as their top choice.

Danielle Smith to be endorsed by MLA who sold memberships for Patrick Brown

UCP leadership candidate Danielle Smith will be receiving an endorsement from Devinder Toor, a UCP MLA who sold federal Conservative party memberships for now disqualified leadership candidate Patrick Brown.

Brampton city councillors calling on RCMP to investigate Patrick Brown

Four Brampton city councillors, including two deputy mayors, are calling on the RCMP to investigate the financial dealings of mayor Patrick Brown.

Brown campaign still using Conservative Party membership email list after disqualification

The campaign for disqualified Conservative leadership candidate Patrick Brown has confirmed they are still using the confidential Conservative Party membership list to send members fundraising emails. 

Conservative Leadership Series: Scott Aitchison

In this episode of The Andrew Lawton Show's Conservative Leadership Series on True North, Scott Aitchison discusses the cost of living crisis, political pandering, trust in the Canadian government's Covid response, and a range of other topics.

Bergen takes aim at the legacy media during Calgary Stampede

“According to many in the media, when Liberals disagree, they are progressive and open-minded. But when (Conservatives) disagree, we’re divided and angry.” Bergen said.

Patrick Brown’s former regional organizer comes forward as whistleblower

Debbie Jodoin, a long-time supporter of Brown’s, began working for the Brown campaign as a regional organizer in May, but claims she parted ways with the campaign on June 3 over concerns that the campaign was violating the Canada Elections Act. 

Poilievre slams Global News as “Liberal mouthpiece” over biased reporting

In a statement published on Poilievre's social media on Thursday, Poilievre’s campaign called Global News' coverage of the meeting a "disingenuous trap."

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