What’s happening in Canada and around the world? 


Questions surrounding Maryam Monsef’s birth place have yet to be answered. The government has been silent, and the Prime Minister has yet to comment on this very serious matter. But you can always count on the media to defend a Liberal. Despite the media’s and even the Prime Minister’s senior advisor’s attempt to deflect any criticism by using the “racism” card, Canadians deserve to know the truth. Maryam Monsef and her mother may have committed immigration fraud. Immigration fraud is a crime, and could be grounds for citizenship revocation and deportation. Why does Maryam Monsef, a Liberal MP, deserve special treatment while the Canadian government is revoking the citizenship of others who are in the exact same situation as her?


It was a great day for Canada when Homa Hoodfar, an Iranian-Canadian Professor, was freed in Iran and returned to Canada on Monday. Ms. Hoodfar spent over 100 days in an Iranian jail for – believe it or not – “dabbling in feminism and being part of a global network of feminists who want to change Iranian society”. The suppression of women’s rights is just one example of how treacherous the Iranian regime is (anti-democracy, funding terrorism, political executions, etc.). We hope Canadians realize the evil that Ms. Hoodfar just escaped from. Furthermore, we hope the Canadian government doesn’t see the release of Ms. Hoodfar as a “good gesture” by the Iranian regime, and does not attempt to develop closer ties to Iran but…that may be wishful thinking.


Unfortunately, this past week also had a dark moment when Shimon Peres, former Israeli President and Prime Minister, passed away at the age of 93. Mr. Peres was known around the world for his efforts to bring peace in the Middle East. His political career lasted over seven decades; Mr. Peres will forever be known as one of world’s most admired leaders.Rest in Peace, Mr. Peres.