What’s happening in Canada and around the world? 


The Maryam Monsef scandal continues to develop, despite the government’s and the media’s attempt to brush it off. The Toronto Star briefly mentioned Ms. Monsef if their coverage of John McCallum “coming to the aid of Canadians who are being stripped of their citizenship without a hearing” (if they lied on their citizenship application). Unfortunately for the government and to those on the Left, Canadians know the truth – the Liberal government is willing and may be attempting to change the law in order to protect Maryam Monsef. And if they can’t change the law, they’re looking to place a “moratorium” on the practice to save her.


Last week, Angus Reid released a national poll in which 68% of Canadian respondents said newcomers should do more to fit in with mainstream society instead of keeping their own customs and languages. Cue the Left’s outrage! Let’s try to change their minds! How dare Canadians believe integration is important for immigrants and refugees?

Regardless of how the Left attempts to spin the poll results, the fact remains that integration is an incredibly important aspect of immigration.  Former B.C. premier and Liberal MP, Ujjal Dosanjh sums it up well, by saying, “what you want is creative multiculturalism, generous multiculturalism, but not unthinking or mindless multiculturalism where everything anybody brings to this country is acceptable”.


Stephane Dion was in the news again last week, and again – for all the wrong reasons. Dion, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, gave two thumbs down in the House of Commons while Conservative MP Michael Cooper raised the case of Alison Azer and her attempt to bring her kids back to Canada. Azer’s former husband is wanted by Canadian police for kidnapping their children and taking them to Iran 14 months ago. This is a serious international issue, and neither side should be playing partisan politics. But of course, the Prime Minister thinks this is the perfect issue to attack the Conservatives. Shameful.