People from around the world witnessed history last week as Donald Trump won the U.S. election. The pollsters couldn’t predict such a monumental win for The Donald. The American media refused to believe the possibility of a Trump Administration, even the media in Canada predicted a sweeping win for Hillary Clinton. President-elect Donald Trump proved all of his critics wrong, as Americans voted in favour of policies such as stricter immigration controls and a shift on foreign policy and international development.

Trump has said some pretty awful things over the course of this campaign, some of which is simply unacceptable for a leader and public figure. Despite Trump’s boorish comments and brash behaviour, he deserves a chance to govern. We should try to be open-minded about his forthcoming Presidency.


Many Canadians are wondering how a Trump Administration will affect Canada. It’s mostly speculation at this point, but we expect to see more pressure on Canada to spend more on the military, as Trump has been quite critical of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, calling it a “disaster”. Furthermore, trade deals like NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) are likely to be negotiated. It will be interesting to see what kind of relationship Prime Minister Trudeau will share with President-elect Trump. We don’t expect any selfies with the two of them in the near future…


The case surrounding Maryam Monsef continues to develop. As True North’s Candice Malcolm reported – on Monday, the Federal Court of Canada ruled against a group of lawyers who wanted to place a moratorium on citizenship revocations. This decision could have a significant implication on Monsef and her citizenship controversy. Despite the left’s attempt to downplay this issue, questions have yet to be answered.  Does the law apply equally to Liberal cabinet ministers? The Liberal government has been silent on this issue but Canadians deserve to know the truth.