As Prime Minister Trudeau was gallivanting overseas and attempting to rekindle his family’s love affair with the Cuban government last week, a lot was happening here in Canada. 


The Liberal government announced that they were going to restore funding to the UNRWA, a corrupt UN agency working with Palestinians. The Harper government cut funding to UNRWA because of evidence linking it with Hamas, a terrorist organization. This is troubling to say the least. In recent years, there has been mounting evidence to prove UNRWA and Hamas are closely related – just check out the facts. Why are Canadian taxpayers funding terror and violence? True North’s Candice Malcolm attempts to answer that question in her latest column.


 Last week, the Quebec Legislature quickly denounced a proposal to build a “Muslim housing project” in Brossard, QC. Nabil Warda says he wants to make it easier for Muslims who believe that paying interest is a sin to buy a house. Segregated religious and ethnic communities is perhaps the worst way for newcomers to integrate into Canadian society successfully. We understand the challenges that many Muslims face in Quebec. However, failure to communicate with other communities and embrace Canadian values is a recipe for disaster. Kudos to all three Quebec political parties for denouncing this proposal.


 Next month marks the one-year anniversary of the arrival of the first planeload of Syrian refugees to arrive in Canada. The Liberal government has managed to take in 34,000 Syrian Refugees but that’s just half the battle. According to a report by the Food Banks of Canada, Syrian Refugees are using food banks at an alarming rate because of the lack of resources to rebuild their lives. Furthermore, as the government fails to provide the necessary resources for refugees to rebuild their lives and succeed in Canada, the Liberals also waived the repayment of the Immigration Loan Program for Syrian Refugees at the expense of the Canadian taxpayer. Canada has a very generous immigration program, but newcomers cannot be reliant on government hand-outs and taxpayer-funded resources. Integration and contributing to the economy is absolutely key to their success.

The CBC quotes the True North Initiative in this article, saying:

Candice Malcolm, founder of an immigration-focused research and education group called The True North Initiative, believes federal loans are a good way to help refugees who don’t have access to credit and banks. But she said the repayment requirement is a critical component of the program.

“It is not a huge financial burden, but it does send an important message to newcomers that when they come to Canada, they won’t be reliant on government hand-outs and taxpayer-funded resources; that they are going to learn to become economically integrated into the Canadian economy, to get a job,” she said.

“I also think it shows good faith to Canadian taxpayers that we can have this generous program to help people from all around the world, but we have limited resources.”

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