Last week, Postmedia News obtained a report by the Canada Border Services Agency. The documents revealed that “in the next three years, Mexican drug cartels are expected to expand their presence in Canada by sending operatives and recruiting local airport or marine port workers with ties to Mexico” as a result of the Trudeau’s government’s decision to lift the visa requirement for Mexican travelers. This shouldn’t be news to the Liberal government. As True North’s Candice Malcolm pointed out, Mexico has a bad reputation for being a launching pad for criminal networks and terrorist organizations seeking to gain stealth entry into North America. A visa requirement was put in place on Mexican visitors to deter bogus refugee claims. Justin Trudeau’s decision to lift the visa requirement on Mexican travelers was reckless and has put Canadians’ safety at risk.


Last week, fifteen former clients of an imprisoned B.C. immigration consultant have now been deported to China. Despite the left’s denial, immigration fraud is alive and well. The individuals being deported were taking advantage of Canada’s generous immigration system, faking their education, their jobs, and even their residencies. In this case alone, 1300 people are either being deported or facing possible deportation. Kudos to the Canada Border Services Agency for their due diligence in this case. Is it time for a stricter immigration system in Canada? The Trudeau government doesn’t believe so.


The Trudeau government has failed Syrian refugees in Canada. The Prime Minister can shed tears, pat himself on the back, and do as many photo ops as he wishes but it doesn’t change the fact that many refugees are struggling with their new lives in Canada. Like with any problem this government has encountered in its mandate, they throw money at the problem. Unfortunately for them, Syrian refugees are not integrating into Canadian society and only half of adult Syrian refugees have found jobs. The tab is now on the provincial governments.  

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