The evil of jihadist terrorism knows no bounds.

Last Sunday, a group of Palestinian gunmen approached a bus stop in Ofra near Jerusalem and began shooting Israeli Jews waiting for their bus. Seven innocent civilians were shot, including a 21-year-old Canadian man and his 19-year-old wife — who was eight months pregnant.

The terrorists deliberately shot a heavily pregnant woman straight through the stomach, before cowardly fleeing the scene.

The young mother was rushed to a nearby hospital in Jerusalem where the baby was delivered prematurely in an emergency C-section. Both mother and child remained in critical condition and on life support.

Doctors at the hospital worked for 72 hours to try to save the life of the baby — born a Canadian citizen — but to no avail. The baby died on Wednesday, December 12.

He was one of the youngest Canadians to ever fall victim to the horrors of jihadist terrorism. While Israelis and Canadians grieved over this wicked act of violence, some in the Palestinian community celebrated.

On Thursday, Israeli forces tried to arrest the five men who are believed to have carried out the attack. Four were arrested, and one was shot and killed after firing at Israeli officers and trying to evade arrest.

Within hours of his death, Hamas published and disseminated posters praising the dead terrorist and hailing him as a “heroic martyr.”

A verified Palestinian Twitter account that claims to be “the voice of Palestine to the World,” posted a photo of the terrorist with his own young daughter — as if to pretend these people care about children and babies.

The Arabic language post called the terrorist a “martyr” and celebrated the bullets he used against “the occupation.”

The killing of a child is the most reprehensible crime imaginable, and it takes a pretty sick interpretation to believe an unborn baby is representative of any country or its military.

Not only does this sad and disturbing story represent the deep depravity of Palestinian terrorists, it also demonstrates the vile anti-Jewish indoctrination that is widespread in the Palestinian areas of Israel.

The much-documented phenomenon of Palestinian indoctrination has ties to Canada and the Trudeau government’s decision to boost funding to a United Nations agency that has been infiltrated with Hamas operatives.

Earlier this year — after the U.S. announced it would pull funding from UNRWA, following in the footsteps of Canada’s former prime minister Stephen Harper who also pulled funding — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he would reinstate funding to the corrupt agency to the tune of $75 million in taxpayer funds.

UNWRA schools openly spread anti-Semitism and teach Palestinian children not only to hate Jews, but that killing Jews is a noble cause.

UNRWA has been caught aiding Hamas in its terror operations, by smuggling weapons in UN ambulances and using UN buildings as launching points for rockets and terror attacks.

As I reported in October, UNWRA has taken an even nastier turn as of late. Several UNWRA teachers were documented posting praise on social media to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, and celebrating the death of six million Jews in the Holocaust.

Just last week, the UN had an opportunity to condemn Hamas for its ongoing violence against Israel. The deeply corrupt assembly of UN member states, however, voted against the motion.

The evils of Palestinian terrorism need to be strongly condemned, and unfortunately the global community is failing at this task. It’s time the Trudeau government stepped up — a good first step would be to cut funding to UNRWA.

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