Check out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s personal Christmas greeting video.

As of January 2, 2019, the YouTube video has over 9,700 dislikes compared to only 650 likes.

That’s a disapproval ratio of FIFTEEN to ONE.

Viewers were not impressed with the Prime Minister’s arrogant tone and phony demeanor, according to the 1,700 mostly negative comments.

What’s even more disturbing than Trudeau’s preachiness, however, is the partisan message embedded into this Christmas message. Part way through the holiday greeting, Trudeau starts listing off his own partisan accomplishments in office.

2019 is a federal election year, but it’s odd for the PM to mix partisan politics with a religious message to all Christians and Canadians.

“We’re also thinking of the hard-working Canadians families who might be struggling to make ends meet this Christmas. Our government is working to make things a little easier for you, whether it’s putting our first ever national housing strategy into action, supporting seniors, or putting more money into the pockets of nine out of ten Canadian families.”

“We [the Liberal government] will always stand with you, because that’s what Canadians do.”

Is a Christmas message really the time to be touting your own government programs, using torqued partisan data?

What is most disturbing of all about this video is that is found on the CBC’s YouTube channel.

Not the Liberal Party of Canada.

Not Justin Trudeau’s personal account.

But the supposedly independent, non-partisan, unbiased public broadcaster of Canada.

Why on earth is the CBC broadcasting Trudeau’s partisan Christmas message?

WATCH the full video here

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