While thousands of illegal border crossers pour into Canada with no ramifications, a Canadian Veteran who has been trying for six years to help an Afghan ally escape to a safer country has run out of options.

Abdul, who goes by the name James,  spent many years working side-by-side with Canadian soldiers as a translator. James’ commitment to assist the Canadian Armed Forces saved countless lives, according to Canadian soldiers who served in Afghanistan.

James now fears for his own life and the safety of his family.

Robin Rickards, who served three tours in Afghanistan during his 11 years with the Canadian Armed Forces, spoke in detail about James and the work he did to aide Canadian soldiers.

“It’s been a case of James having to be exceedingly cautious in the way he goes about his day-to-day life,” Rickards explained.

Rickards, a Thunder Bay native, told his local radio station that he believes Canada has a moral responsibility to help him.

“There are mothers in Canada who are not grieving because of the work James did.”

Despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s open invitation to the world’s migrants and allowing thousands illegally walk into Canada, the Canadian government has so far done nothing to help James.

In Afghanistan, people who worked for the coalition that liberated the country from the Taliban in 2001 are often perceived as traitors by extremists in Afghanistan.

Since the Trudeau government was elected in 2015, Rickards says he is no closer to getting James to Canada.

“Unfortunately, although there has been more communication, the outcome has been exactly the same.”

Canada has taken in thousands who crossed into Canada illegally from the US, a safe country, but meanwhile has done little to help Afghan interpreters who are now suffering specifically because they helped our Canadian soldiers.

While James hides in Afghanistan, illegal border crossers receive the red carpet treatment by the Canadian government – including free healthcare, free accommodation various government handouts.

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