Canada finally reducing staff at Cuban Embassy a year after mysterious illness

A year after Canadian diplomats fell mysteriously ill, the Canadian department of Global Affairs has finally taken action and reduced its staff in Cuba.

Starting in spring of 2017, Canadian and American diplomats in Havana along with their families came down with mysterious fits of nausea, disorientation and headaches.

U.S. officials believe that some sort of energy-based weapon may have been used against them.

While the United States has been outspoken in demanding answers, the Canadian government has remained silent.

And that’s because, as some diplomats have said, Canada wants to keep a close relationship with the communist dictatorship.

“We did not expect to be abandoned, or more precisely, sacrificed – that’s how we’re feeling now,” said one Canadian diplomat in an off the record interview with the Globe and Mail.

Many diplomats feel like their trauma has not been taken seriously by the Canadian government.

Some diplomats reported having to pay out of pocket for travel and special treatments as part of their recovery.

While remaining silent on the plight of Canadian diplomats for political reasons, the federal government has defended Cuba’s despicable human rights record to the international community.

Independent watchdog UN Watch criticized Canada for its continued support of the global pariah, known for its military dictatorship and Soviet-style communism with little political freedom.

In the United Nations, Canada “broke with the free world and joined Syria, Iran and North Korea by voting no on eight separate measures that sought to hold Cuba accountable for widespread human rights violations,” the report says.

Canada’s strange affection with Communist Cuba continues to raise eyebrows.

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