Discontent in the Western provinces continues to rise, with secession from Canada becoming more seriously considered in Alberta, according to a new poll.

The poll, released Feb. 5 5 by Angus Reid, shows that 86% of Albertans believe that their province is becoming more infuriated with the federal government.

Half of the respondents said that separation from Canada was a real possibility.

The poll also suggests that if a “Western Canada Party” were to form, it would be the most popular political party in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

The federal government’s inability to get new pipelines built have only made feelings of resentment stronger.

United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney said much of the disenfranchisement can be chalked up to the current federal government.

“I would not be surprised if a significant and growing minority of Albertans are entertaining (separatism),” he said.

Since being elected, Justin Trudeau’s government has continuously taken positions perceived by westerners to negatively impact Western Canada, particularly Alberta.

Such as when Trudeau said of the oilsands, “We need to phase them out.”

In December, he took aim at blue-collar workers, the driving force of Canada’s energy sector, calling out  “social impacts (on women in rural areas) because they’re mostly male construction workers.”

The Trudeau government introduced Bill C-69, which inserts divisive identity politics into the pipeline approval process and will make it all but impossible to approve future energy projects.

The Canadian government’s policies have led to the cancellation and delay of new pipelines which are vital to not only Alberta’s economy but Canada’s as well.

No wonder 63% of all Canadians think that the West gets treated poorly by the federal government.

Unless the federal government can provide a solution to troubles in the energy sector, resentment in the West is only expected to increase.

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