Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has announced that if his party is elected this fall they will remove the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from home heating.

“Heating your home in winter isn’t a luxury for Canadians. It is a necessity,” Scheer said in his announcement.

“We don’t tax other basic necessities like groceries and we shouldn’t be taxing home heating.”

Currently, Canadians pay a 5% tax on home heating on all heating sources.

Under Scheer’s plan, the GST rebate would be capped at $200 per year.

While Scheer announced a plan to make Canadians’ lives more affordable, the Liberals have launched a Canada-wide ad campaign to inform Canadians on the alleged benefits of the carbon tax — a tax which makes home heating, and everything else, more expensive.

Scheer has stressed that his party is dedicated to protecting the environment, and a carbon tax will not achieve the desired result of lowered carbon emissions.

“We all have an obligation to pass on a better environment to our kids. I’ve got five kids, I want them to have a cleaner environment,” Scheer said.

“The Liberals would love to have people believe that the choice is a carbon tax or nothing. I reject that.”

The carbon tax will only punish ordinary Canadians who don’t have carbon-free alternatives.

In a recent town hall, Scheer called the carbon tax a “tax on commuters and a free pass for polluters,” and assured them that his plan will “speak to reducing emissions by incentivizing investments in energy efficiencies. It will not be a punishment on hard-working families.”

If elected, Scheer says, ‘job number one will be to repeal the carbon tax.”

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