A man facing 52 charges related to a string of armed robberies in Quebec had been deported from Canada in 2012.

Now James Craigwell, from Barbados, is facing deportation from Canada again.

In 1993, Craigswell shot 21-year-old Lincoln Ramsoondar to death in Montreal. He was later sentenced to life in jail.

In 2012, Craigwell was deported back to Barbados and was told to inform authorities if he ever returned to Canada.

Craigwell is alleged to have snuck back into the country since then using his brother’s passport.

In 2017, Craigwell and three other men were arrested and charged in connection to a home invasions and multiple armed robberies across Montreal.

Craigwell came to Canada with his family as a teenager but never became a Canadian citizen himself.

In a written statement, Craigwell claimed that he failed to alert authorities when he snuck back into Canada, and worked for cash at a farm and a carwash to support himself. Craigwell’s parole officer was not able to confirm his claim.

Craigwell’s drug use and family issues led him to return to a life of crime in 2017, he told the parole board.

The three other men involved in the armed robberies have all already pleaded guilty and were given sentences ranging from nine to 11 years.

Craigwell said he intends to plead guilty to some of the 52 charges against him later this month.

A deportation order has already been issued to return Craigwell to Barbados as soon as possible.