A report by the European Commission’s Legal Service has recently declared the UN Global Compact on Migration legally binding.

The European Commission is one of the major institutions in the European Union in charge of legislating new measures and regulations for EU member states to implement.

Canada, alongside 152 other countries, voted in favour of the agreement, while the United States, Israel, New Zealand and nearly a dozen other European countries voted against it.

When Canada signed along with the plan, pundits and politicians in the country assured Canadians that the compact was “not legally binding.”.

However, Austrian’s Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl, has spoken out against the decision by the European Commission to have legally binding consequences for members of the pact and even those who have left.

Several other nations have spoken out against the UN overreach.

When the compact was proposed, critics around the world opposed the agreement as a UN overreach intended to weaken the sovereignty of member states’ immigration and refugee policies.

Among those critical of the international policy in Canada was Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, who asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau not to support the UN policy because it would limit the sovereignty Canada would have over its own border situation.

Among the journalists speaking out against the compact was True North founder, Candice Malcolm who called the agreement “unprecedented and truly radical.”

A media analysis by Mission Research showed that reporting done by True North had a direct influence on shifting the media’s narrative in the subject.  
“(The compact) seeks to change international law and norms on migration, and blur the distinction between refugees and migrants — the latter merely seeking more economic opportunity but failing to do so according to a country’s established immigration rules,” wrote Malcolm in the Toronto Sun.

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