Shortly before slashing a police officer’s throat in Flint, Michigan, Canadian terrorist Amor Ftouhi searched for the location of “gay club” on his phone, prosecutors say.

Ftouhi, originally from Tunisia but moved to Canada in 2007, is on trial in the US for attempting to commit an act of terrorism for his 2017 attack which left a police officer critically injured.

He allegedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” and “you have killed people in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, and we are all going to die.”

American prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for Ftouhi, who sent a letter to his wife saying to “tell my children that I love them all; they must be proud of their father, who is fighting the infidel criminals.”

“I am not like the other Muslims, who are all talk and no action, who have held onto earthly matters, and stayed away from jihad,” the letter continued.

Despite claiming to have no remorse, Ftouhi’s lawyers are looking for only 25 years, citing the Islamophobia and stress from immigration he faced.

“Mr. Ftouhi’s struggle to find employment was not unique to him. He was among many Muslims in Canada (Quebec especially) experiencing discrimination and Islamophobia,” they said, citing the 2017 Quebec mosque shooting.

Claiming Quebec to be “especially” Islamophobic, Ftouhi’s lawyers argued that his marginalization pushed him over the edge.

His lawyers then made the bizarre claim that his poor state of mind developed because Ftouhi has “wholly unprepared for the challenges he would face both as a first-generation immigrant and as a Muslim in a predominantly Christian city.”

Ftouhi expected to be killed by authorities when he launched his attack in the Flint Airport.

Minutes before he saw Lt. Jeff Neville in the airport, Ftouhi was searching for directions to a gay club and nearby Baker College.

“If not for luck and the courageous actions of Bishop airport employees, Ftouhi would have murdered countless innocent people,” the prosecutors wrote.