This year’s May Day demonstrations saw far-left protestors bring a bloodied guillotine to to the lawn outside of Queen’s Park in an apparent threat against the Ontario government.

The demonstration saw a guillotine covered in fake blood with a masked woman holding a sign saying “May history repeat itself. Chop! Chop!” beside it.

The guillotine is a reference to the French Revolution, where it was used to behead the French ruling class — it was later used to kill anyone who criticized the leaders of the revolution, and some of those leaders themselves all ended up with the same fate in The Reign of Terror.

The killing device was guarded by protestors holding communist flags and signs saying phrases like “F*** Ford.”

May 1, know to some as May Day or International Workers’ Day, is a day used by Socialists and Communists to protest their disgruntlement with most of the hallmarks of Western civilization.

Premier Ford spoke about the issue in the Legislative Assembly, said he believes in the protestors right to demonstrate but that the threat of violence goes too far.

“Any time a politician, no matter what party it is, has a guillotine out there, I think that goes a little too far,” he said. “As a matter of fact, it goes way overboard.”

Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod also gave a condemnation of the protestors and the implied threat against the Ontario government.

“Mass protestors brought a bloodied guillotine to the grounds of Queen’s Park, and you know what they did? They beheaded an effigy of the Premier,” she said. “This is disgusting and it is a sick act.”

MacLeod has been a victim of far left intimidation herself, she and her family spent some time in police protection in February after repeated threats.

Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath attended a different May Day demonstration on the Queen’s Park lawn denouncing funding changes in the latest budget.

May Day saw far left activists take to the streets all across the city. While one demonstration was happening in Queen’s Park another was blocking major streets before settling in the financial district and camping there overnight.

“Demonstrators plan to occupy the site for 24 hours and transform it into a space for education, conversation, and protest,” Occupy Toronto said in a statement.

The post on Twitter of the guillotine incident was quickly taken down, but not before they were saved and have been shared hundreds of times.

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