In wake of the Green Party’s by-election steal from the New Democrats, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has gone all-in on climate change alarmism.

“The future of our country cannot involve fracking,” he said. “It cannot involve the burning of any fossil fuel.”

The NDP, Green Party and Liberals have all been taking increasingly hard-line positions on Canada’s carbon emissions, which are minuscule compared to the rest of the world, but Singh’s newest statements reach a new extreme.

In his recent statement of climate change, Singh promised to reduce carbon emissions by 40 to 50 percent, and oppose the planned LNG plant and pipeline in BC, which he previously supported.

The plant and pipeline proposed by BC’s NDP government already has the support of nearly all communities and indigenous governments involved.

To strengthen his new position, Singh put forward a motion in the House of Commons calling on the government to declare an “environment and climate emergency,” end any government aid to the energy sector, and cancel the Trans Mountain pipeline that the government spent $4.5 billion to buy.

Rather than call out Singh’s absurd motion, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment Sean Fraser used his time to promote the Liberals’ similarly worded motion that they will be soon moving.

“I expect, given that this motion was tabled just a few days after we had our own announcement that there would be a debate about climate change as an emergency, I expect that this is more political gamesmanship than it is actually an attempt at substantive policy debate,” Fraser said.

The Trudeau Liberals and the NDP have a track record of flirting with anti-oil activists to win the votes of the far-left.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau once told a crowd that Canada needs to “phase out” the oilsands, and he created laws like Bill C-69, which some say are designed to destroy the energy sector.

Leading up the federal election in October, it appears that the Liberals and NDP are both attempting to appease the far-left with their radical positions on Canada’s energy sector.