China has once again shown its contempt for Canada as the Communist regime warns against helping the United States in the case of Huawei.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang recently warned Canada about the “consequences” of helping the United States in their proceedings against telecommunications giant Huawei.

“We hope that the Canadian side can have a clear understanding of the consequences of endangering itself for the gains of the U.S. and take immediate actions to correct its mistakes so as to spare itself the suffering from growing damage,” Geng said.

In December, Canada arrested Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou on an American warrant, the Chinese quickly retaliated by arresting two Canadians living in China.

Accused of stealing “state secrets,” Michael Korvig and Michael Spavor have been denied the right to a lawyer.

Despite the Chinese government denying the arrests were connected to the arrest of Wanzhou, Geng inferred a connection multiple times in his comments last week.

Wanzhou was arrested for allegedly lying to American authorities and allowing Huawei to do business with Iran — violating American sanctions.

Canada and the United States have recently been the target of Chinese aggression over the Huawei dispute, with the Chinese ambassador going so far as to accuse Canada of “white supremacy” in regards to their treatment of Wanzhou.

Several countries have banned or limited Huawei as the company’s close ties with the Chinese government are seen as a security concern.

American authorities found that Huawei was “unwilling to explain its relationship with the Chinese government or the Chinese Communist Party” and that Huawei “admits that the Chinese Communist Party maintains a Party Committee within the company.”

Canada has yet to decide the fate of Huawei in Canada, but in the meantime, the company has already established itself as a player in the telecommunications industry.

Security expert and True North fellow, Leo Knight, has been vocal about his opposition to Huawei entering Canada’s 5G network.

“The chief concern about the provision of 5G network technology is the potential for so-called backdoors that could allow Chinese cyber geeks to spy on the west or in the extreme situation to attack networks and, for example, take down the hydro grid or all air traffic communications,” said Knight.

“The risks of allowing Huawei to control our 5G networks are too great. This should be a no-brainer.”

Along with imprisoning Canadians and accusing Canada of white supremacy, China has also tried to put economic pressure on Canada to get us to abandon scrutiny of Huawei.

China has been blocking Canadian exports, most notably canola, using vague and unfounded reasoning.

As China continues to try to intimidate and bully Canada, there has been no indication on exactly how Prime Minister Trudeau will retaliate or protect Canadian interests.

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