Canada’s taxpayer-funded state media dedicated an hour of air time to romanticizing Marxism.

In the CBC Radio episode titled “Reclaiming Marxism in an age of meaningless work,” CBC brought in academics to discuss the purported disaster that is our capitalist society, prescribing Marxism as the solution.

“More than a century and a half after Marx first talked about the struggle between the ruling class and labour, the promise of capitalism — that progress was inevitable and would ultimately lead to good things for everyone — has proven empty for many people,” CBC wrote.

“And it seems Marx’s principal critique that capitalism stands in the way of authentic emancipation is arguably more relevant than ever.”

CBC brought in two non-Canadian academics to argue that capitalism has failed us, and that “reclaiming” Marxism is the answer.

One academic, Bristol University’s Terrell Carver, even went so far as to claim that working conditions today are comparable to those Marx saw in the 1840s.

For context, child labour was legal in the 1840s and workplace safety regulations were non-existent.

“I think there’s much more historical overlap than people realize. I think this also has to do with new and revolutionary technologies because the 1840s, like today, was really quite revolutionary in terms of technology. The Industrial Revolution was getting underway. Also: the themes of pollution and exploitation and migration.”

The other academic, Yale’s Martin Hagglund, claimed that capitalism prevents us from creating meaning in our own lives.

Marxism, the school of thought founded by German Karl Marx in the nineteenth century is the philosophical base of communism.

Communism as a political system has failed to produce a standard of living better than that seen in any capitalist nation, including Canada. Quite the contrary, in fact, given communism’s death toll of about 100 million.

Communism and Marxism are themselves the antithesis to the values of individual freedom and tolerance that Canada prides itself for.

Communists governments like the Soviet Union, China and Cambodia have been proven to be directly responsible for the deaths of millions of their own citizens due to starvation, war and oppression.

Yet the CBC, funded by a capitalist government, sees it reasonable to dedicate time to those who glorify the ideology behind so many failed governments.

Without recognizing the disaster all Marxist societies have been, any talk on the subject amounts to a slap in the face to the millions who have suffered and died under Marxist regimes.

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