Public Safety Canada has made significant changes to its list of designated terrorist entities but failed to recognize the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran – a group that the United States recognizes as a terrorist organization.

While the Canadian government, the media and social media moralizers praised the decision to put two right-wing extremist groups on the list of terrorist entities recognized by the Canada government, True North’s Anthony Furey noted that there were other significant additions that day.

While the addition of neo-nazi groups is valid, it remains unknown why the Canadian government continues to let an international terrorist group, like the IRGC, go unrecognized.

Recently the United States declared the IRGC a terrorist organization, allowing for action to be taken against international murderers of Iran’s theocratic dictatorship.

As Anthony Furey points out, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is still allowed free reign without consequence.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which reports directly to the Islamist leaders of Iran, has been accused of terrorism around the world since its inception, particularly targeting Westerners and Israelis.

While the IRGC is the chief actor in Iran’s domestic reign of terror against dissidents in its own country, it’s accused of murders and attacks around the world in the name of Iran’s theocracy.

When the Liberals voted in favour of a Conservative motion calling for Canada to calling the IRGC a terrorist group last year, it appeared that Canada was actually going to be the first western country to make this distinction.

Fast-forward a year, the government has yet to act, leaving Canadians and Iranian dissidents in Canada vulnerable while other countries s have already protected themselves.

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