Update: This article has been edited to include a $1.3 billion investment announced by Trudeau for the Montreal metro.

Since the House of Commons adjourned on June 21st, 2019, the federal government has given away billions of Canadian taxpayers dollars prior to the official beginning of the federal election (the writ period). 

True North has pored over federal government funding announcements from the period of June 21 – July 12 to tally the total amount of money spent by the government in the pre-writ period.

In total, the Trudeau Liberals have given out over $4.63 billion of taxpayers’ dollars over 162 different funding announcements.

Here is a comprehensive list of all of the funding announcements for the period:

July 12: $8 million for water infrastructure for Obashkaandagaang First Nation

July 12: $300,000 in partnership with B.C. to help farmers adapt to climate change

July 12: $5.1 million towards the construction of the Métis National Heritage Centre

July 12: $16,754 for inclusive LGBT tourism in St. John’s Newfoundland

July 12: $4.8 million in partnership with Newfoundland for healthcare research

July 12: $100,000 for Brampton cultural festival

July 12: $4.4 million for youth jobs in the green sector

July 12: $3 million for Vaughan manufacturer Northern Transformer Corporation

July 12: $1.3 million for the City of Winnipeg to fight climate change

July 11: $5.5 million for urban tourism in Quebec.

July 11: $5.2 million to build new emergency men’s shelter in Peterborough, Ontario

July 11: $350,873 in partnership with Ontario for chicken farming

July 11: $8.2 million in funding for roads and water infrastructure in Faro, Yukon

July 11: $570,000 in funds to improve immigrant employment services

July 11: $13,229,460 million for 11 projects among national grain and oilseed organizations

July 11: $100,000 for laser company from Montreal

July 11: $4.7 million for nine climate change research projects

July 11: $10 million for 40 researchers at Polytechnique Montreal

July 11: $35 million for over 150 researchers at McGill University in Quebec

July 11: $97,500 to biomedical company Motryx Inc. 

July 11: $4.6 million for Petro-Canada to build 92 electric vehicle chargers

July 11: $500,000 to Panag Pharma Inc.

July 11: $5 million for St. John’s, New Brunswick’s powergrid improvements

July 11: $14 million to Niagara college

July 10: $3.2 million for École des entrepreneurs du Québec

July 10: $1 million for the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal

July 10: $1.5 million for Indigineous Capacity Support Program

July 10: $8.3 million for six projects in Canada’s beef industry

July 10: $250,000 for an “eco-responsible” parking lot in Saint-Charles-Borromee, Quebec

July 10: $125,000 for a Nova Scotia agriculture school bursary

July 10: $472,438 for GPNetworks to improve internet access in Grande Prairie, Alberta

July 10: $40 million for nano-tech firm CBN Nano Technologies

July 10: $318,000 for Atlantic Canada Water and Wastewater Association 

July 10: $42,000 for Queen’s University

July 10: $150,000 for research at Sheridan College

July 10: $71,632 to preserve indigenous languages in Quebec

July 10: $600,000 to startup Rimot

July 10: $500,000 for francophone education in Nova Scotia

July 9: $546,000 in funding for Calgary Economic Development

July 9: $584,732 for tourism initiatives in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

July 9: $2 million for Point Peele National Park marsh restoration

July 9: $1 million for B.C steel and aluminum company Marcon Metalfab

July 9: $300,000 for a P.E.I brewery 

July 9: $20 million for Ontario auto parts company Woodbridge Foam Corporation

July 9: $4,025,892 to support women in business 

July 9: $59,500 for a Francophone festival in Simcoe County

July 9: $1.5 million for Quorum Information Systems 

July 9: $344,984 for a community centre in Nova Scotia

July 8: $3.3 million for Whitehorse compost facility

July 8: $100,000 for tourism in Cape d’Or Nova Scotia

July 8: $1.2 million for dairy industry in British Columbia

July 8: $32.6 million for the Inuit Labour Market Strategy

July 8: $425,000 for company MF2 AERO

July 8: $25 million for avalanche prevention

July 8: $1.7 million for tourism in New Brunswick

July 8: $600,000 for New Brunswick snowmobile clubs

July 8: $12 million national defence energy project

July 8: $25,000 for Bow Valley College, Alberta

July 8: $500,000 for the town of Bridgewater, Novascotia

July 8: $5.75 million in grants for green infrastructure in Toronto and Hamilton

July 8: $500,000 for software company Weever Apps

July 6: $1.4 million for play/fitness centres in Alberta

July 5: $143.7 million for girls education in sub-Saharan Africa

July 5: $992,131 funding for the CanadaOrganic Trade Association

July 5: $13 million for salmon restoration in British Columbia

July 5: $1.4 million in funding for STEM education for kids

July 5: $2.2 million in funding for 19 Lake Winnipeg Basin water quality projects

July 5: $581,379 to fight homelessness 

July 5: $15 million to maintain 830 aluminum worker jobs in Quebec

July 4: $1.3 billion for Montreal metro extension

July 4: $3.6 million for berry farming in British Columbia

July 4: $1.59 billion to fight income inequality and empower women in business*

July 4: $450,684 for Western Economic Diversification

July 4: $100,000 for a woman-owned film production company 10th Ave Productions

July 4: $130,000 for two Quebec farms

July 4: $840,000 for veterans and their families

July 4: $18 million for an urban climate centre in Halifax

July 4: $71 million for internet infrastructure in rural Ontario

July 4: $5.5 million for apprenticeship in Ontario

July 4: $2.2 million for women entrepreneurs 

July 4: $3.5 million for new naval technology

July 3: $1,051,280 for two organizations to promote women entrepreneurs in B.C.

July 3: $19.3 million for first nation community space

July 3: $185 million for transportation infrastructure in B.C.

July 3: $447,480 for Apollo Machine and Welding in Alberta

July 3: $100,000 for Granijem Inc, a woman-led granite company

July 3: $1.287 million for Kamloops Airport

July 3: $70,000 for Quebec based circus

July 3: $2.4 million for 22 environmental restoration projects

July 3: $750,000 for veterans

July 3: $2 million in support for two Quebec steel and aluminum companies

July 3: $250,000 in funding for climate education

July 3: $1.6 million for coastal research in Quebec

July 3: $245,000 for Place Fort La Tour restoration in New Brunswick

July 3: $7.6 million for official languages training

July 3: $500,000 for dental company IR Scientific

July 3: $418,000 for Fort Smith Airport, Northwest Territories

July 2: $45 million for Ukraine

July 2: $18 million for internet service to rural British Columbia

July 2: $75,000 for heritage renovations to La Grande Saline

July 2: $13 million for research at Universite de Sherbrooke

July 2: $250,000 for digital ocean asset map and database

July 2: $1 million for climate change adaptation in P.E.I

June 28: $2.1 million for women entrepreneurship in Ontario

June 28: $16.5 million for disaster mitigation at Mike Zubko Airport, NWT

June 28: $1 million for the University of British Columbia

June 28: $953,783 for three winter activity clubs in Quebec

June 28: $3.45 million  for Congres Mondial Acadien 2019

June 28: $560,735 for two good processing companies in Quebec

June 28: $4,489,100 for coal transition projects

June 28: $3.1 million for energy efficiency program

June 28: $755,584 for aquaculture in Marystown, NL

June 28: $10,000 for recreational infrastructure in Chambord, Quebec

June 28: $500,000 for software company EnergyX Solutions

June 28: $5.9 million for seafloor mapping project

June 27: $160,000 in financial assistance for the Festival de la Chanson de Tadoussac

June 27: $361,967 for marine research and education in Quebec

June 27: $34.6 million for official-language minority communities

June 27: $29.5 million in digital literacy skills training

June 27: $10.1 million for the City of Ottawa asylum shelters

June 27: $2.6 million for Indigenous software testing centre 

June 27: $24,178,915 for water treatment facility in Lloydminster Alberta/Saskatchewan

June 27: $400,000 for five woman-owned companies in northern Ontario

June 27: $1 million for FjordAI Aluminum

June 27: $40 million for climate centre in GTA 

June 27: $5 million for new electronics hub in Southern Ontario

June 27: $691,750 to packaging company Connors Bros.

June 27: $1.5 million to Agriculture in the Classroom Canada

June 27: $3 million to create jobs in Waterloo region

June 26: $2.5 million for multiculturalism events

June 26: $45 million for Yukon employment

June 26: $23 million for HIV/AIDS research

June 26: $300,000 for Quebec company RayonLed

June 26: $311,040 for a new business centre in PEI

June 26: $50 million for disaster prevention in B.C.

June 26: $1 million for Tech Against Terrorism

June 26: $1.1 million for restoration of Bellevue House 

June 26: $1.2 million for YMCA of Greater Saint John

June 25: $138,000 in grants for Plantee Bioplastics Inc.

June 25: $215,000 for wildlife preservation 

June 25: $71.1 million for VIA Rail Canada Quebec City-Toronto corridor

June 25: $3 million for College Shawinigan Quebec

June 25: $1 million for University of British Columbia

June 25: $9.1 million for a national centre for Indigenous law at the University of Victoria

June 25: $60 million for schools in NB, ON, MA, SK 

June 25: $30,713 for Kenora Public Library in Ontario

June 25: $25 million investment in Carbon Engineering environmental company

June 25: $30 million for more inclusive sports environment

June 25: $4.5 million for diabetes prevention

June 25: $925,000 for Beyond Food company

June 25: $60 million for minority-language education

June 24: $2.7 million for seven women and indigenous organization in Northern Ontario

June 24: $40,500 for eco-tourism in NW Ontario

June 24: $17 million for Port of Belledune, New Brunswick

June 24: $245,000 for clean energy research coordinator in indigenous communities

June 24: $600,000 for electric vehicle charging stations in BC

June 24: $550,000 for cross cultural awareness 

June 24: $3,320,535 for PEI aerospace company 

June 24: $13 million for MMIWG 

June 24: $10 million for infrastructure in Pukaskwa National Park

June 24: $460,000 to support recreation in PEI

June 24: $15.2 million for 13 organizations to carry out public education on cannabis

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