A new facility to hold people who illegally cross into Canada will cost Canadian taxpayers almost $50 million.

The facility, to be built in Laval, Quebec, will be able to hold between 400 and 500 illegal border crossers.

The contract for $49,580,000 was recently awarded to Quebec firm Tisseur, with construction expected to begin soon.

Even though all those held in the facility will be border crossers who refused to cooperate with immigration authorities, TVA Nouvelles reports that over 70 far-left and open borders groups have signed a declaration to oppose the project. The sight of the future facility has already been vandalized.

While some are upset with the building of new facilities, many others are concerned with the lack of enforcement of Canada’s borders, and the costs border crossers are imposing on Canadian taxpayers.

The new $50 million facility is just one of the hundreds of millions in expenses the Canadian taxpayer has had to pay.

The government has already allocated $283 million to provide free healthcare for border crossers in the last federal budget.

Around $200 million has been doled out to cities and provinces to provide housing to border crossers through numerous funding announcements as the situation has gotten worse.

The Canadian government will even be paying the legal fees of an American that helped smuggle people into Canada.

All the while the government has so far failed to deport the majority of bogus refugees. Only two percent of the 45,000 illegal border crossers have left Canada. 

Justin Trudeau’s welcome to the world and the federal government’s inability to protect Canada’s borders has created a massive burden on ordinary Canadians.

With the building of new migrant facilities, it’s clear that the government is preparing for illegal immigration to be a long-term concern for the Canadian taxpayer.