Two weeks after a heated exchange with transgender activist Jessica Yaniv, True North contributor Lindsay Shepherd’s Twitter account has been reinstated.

Shepherd’s account was permanently banned without warning on July 15, the day after her exchange with Yaniv.

While Shepherd said she appealed and was denied, on July 26, she was notified that her account was reinstated; Twitter admitted she had not violated any of the platform’s rules.

“After further review, we have unsuspended your account as it does not appear to be in violation of the Twitter Rules,” Twitter said to Shepherd.

Yaniv’s insults of Shepherd including mocking the free speech advocate’s infant child as well as a reproductive abnormality she has. Yaniv received no reprimand from Twitter, despite a ban in the terms of use on referring in abusive ways to others’ bodies, in particular sexual organs.

“I heard @realDonaldTrump is building a wall inside of your uterus aka your “reproductive abnormality” hopefully the [wall] works as intended,” Yaniv tweeted, referring to a disorder Shepherd suffers from.

Yaniv, who until recently referred to herself by her birth name, Jonathan, has become infamous for demanding spa workers perform waxing services on her male genitalia.

Yaniv filed 16 human rights complaints against spa employees and estheticians for refusing to perform grooming services, claiming these refusals infringed on her rights as a woman.

Yaniv continuously harassed many of these women for months after each incident, calling one a “neo-Nazi” and tweeting that another, an immigrant, should be deported.

At least one woman was forced to close shop because of Yaniv’s harassment.

As the Yaniv story becomes more well known, more information of Yaniv’s bizarre and disturbing behaviour seems to come out. Yaniv has frequently been in the media as of late for her meltdowns in the faces of critics and media, and her alleged sexual harassment of a minor.

Yaniv remains active on Twitter, continually attacking her critics and the women who refused to service her scrotum and penis, including tweeting screenshots of a conversation she had with one waxologist who refused to touch male genitalia for religious reasons.

Yaniv’s human rights complaints are still in the hands of the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

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