While Canada was in the middle of a nation-wide manhunt, CBC News spent far more time talking about the Robert Mueller hearings in the United States on social media.

True North researchers investigated the activity of CBC News social media accounts for the date of July 24, 2019. 

CBC’s Twitter, Facebook and Youtube posts for the date mentioned above were all taken into consideration for this report.

According to our findings, on average, the Canadian public broadcaster dedicated approximately 26% of its social media posts for this day towards the Mueller hearings, while only 14% of that day’s content was on the Canadian manhunt.

On Twitter, the CBC News account tweeted or retweeted 14 different posts about the Mueller testimony, while only seven tweets or retweets were about the initial search for Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam MacLeod.

Out of 57 tweets, just under one-quarter of the day’s content was dedicated to the leading U.S. story, while about one-eighth of the material was about Canada’s search for two fleeing suspected murderers.

By posts alone, CBC News’ Youtube and Twitter accounts dedicated twice as much space to the United States story than the Canadian manhunt. On Youtube, two out of seven videos were on the Mueller situation, while only one was about the B.C. fugitives.

In terms of total video time the platform dedicated to each event, the Mueller hearing dwarfed not only the national manhunt but also the other news for the day.

In total, CBC News’ Youtube account gave only about 20 minutes of airtime to the search for Schmegelsky and McLeod while it uploaded over six hours of content on the Mueller hearing. Furthermore, the rest of the day’s content only received slightly over 27 minutes of video.

According to these numbers, the channel dedicated over 88% of its video length towards the Mueller hearing, while only about 5% of the day’s video content was on the Canada-wide search, while a little over 6% was the rest of the day’s stories. 

Of the videos posted by CBC News on its Youtube channel were both the several hours long hearing by Robert Mueller in front of the House Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee.

This report did not take into account television coverage and other media released by CBC News for the date mentioned above.