An imam has been banned from leading prayer at an Edmonton community centre after the facility was notified about his long history of preaching hate.

Shaban Sherif Mady, an Egyptian-trained Canadian imam, has a well-documented record of anti-Semitic and anti-Christian rhetoric, which led to his ban from the Killarney Community League Hall.

The facility said Mady is not welcome for his regular Friday prayer service until he is cleared by an ongoing hate crime investigation.

“We don’t want him in the hall until we can find out what’s going on,” director Al Deren said.

Mady has a long history of bigotry, particularly against Jews, which has gone on for several years without the knowledge of the host community centre.

In March he allegedly blamed “international Zionism” for the creation of ISIS and various terrorist attacks, including the recent mosque shootings in New Zealand.

“We know that Jews do not like Islam or the Muslims,” he said.

He is also recorded saying that “Rome will be conquered like Constantinople was,” and that Jerusalem “will only be regained through blood.”

Mady identifies closely with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, calling Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi a “Jewish Zionist” and proudly proclaiming that the mission of the Muslim Brotherhood is to expel the Jews from Jerusalem.

Mady was fired from Edmonton’s Al-Rashid mosque in 2004 for holding extremist views but has been preaching in the community centre for several years now.

Shockingly, Canada’s mainstream media has paid very little on Mady over his years of preaching hate. As The Rebel pointed out, no Canadian media outlets have ever reported on Mady until his ban.

By the time Mady’s ban was finally reported on by a Canadian publication, it had already been covered by international media.

Mady has defended himself to the Toronto Star, claiming his bigotry is actually just political criticisms.

“I am sure that I didn’t say anything hateful about any religion,” he said. 

“I am against the oppressors, whether they’re Muslim, Christian or Jewish or even if they weren’t religious.”

He has not apologized for his remarks, believing that the ongoing investigation into his alleged hate crimes will prove him innocent.

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