A man accused of providing material support for ISIS after robbing an Edmonton jewelry store has had his extradition to the United States postponed by the Canadian Justice Minister, David Lametti.

U.S. prosecutors are seeking to have Abdullahi Ahmed Abdullahi extradited to the United States to face charges for providing aid to a number of terrorists, including three of his cousins who joined ISIS.

According to Ian McLeod, a spokesperson for the Justice Department, the delay will mean that Abdullahi will be first tried in Canada for armed robbery charges before being turned over to U.S. authorities. 

“Should he be convicted in Canada and sentenced to a period of custody, the surrender order will prevail over the completion of the Canadian sentence,” said McLeod. 

“At the completion of his U.S. proceedings and any custodial sentence he may receive if convicted in the U.S., he would be required to serve any remaining period on his Canadian sentence.”

He is believed to have wired money for two American citizens to travel overseas to participate in terrorist activities. The 34-year old is also believed to have intended on joining the rest of his family to fight for ISIS.

On January 9, 2014, Abudllahi robbed an Edmonton jewelry store with two others in order to use the theft’s proceeds to fund ISIS overseas. 

He was then later arrested by Canadian officials several years later in Fort McMurray on Sept 15, 2017.

 Abdullahi is currently waiting trial, which will begin on January 13, 2020.