A 21-page document by federal officials urged a Vancouver court to not release an ISIS supporter due to fears over public safety.

Othman Ayed Hamdan received refugee status in 2004 claiming that he was persecuted as a Christian convert in Jordan. 

Ten years later, in 2014, Hamdan posted online in support of ISIS after several terror attacks were conducted by the group in Ontario and Quebec. The posts included content praising Michael Zehaf-Bibeau who attacked Parliament in that year and killed Corporal Nathan Cirillo.

Hamdan is believed to have posted extensively pointing out key Canadian infrastructure to be attacked and calling for lone wolf attacks in the country.

“In those posts, there are many of them that I saw resemble clear support of the Islamic State,” said Const. Tarek Mokdad who testified at his trail.

“Furthermore, this support crossed the threshold where he’s providing advice. He’s providing material support. He’s providing how-to information.”

Hamdan was ordered to be released on a $2,000 bond and to be held under 25 conditions by Immigration and Refugee Board member Geoff Rempel. 

“The terms and conditions imposed by the member simply do not manage, or mitigate, the risk of release. The safety of the Canadian public will be put at risk if the stay is not granted,” claimed the official memorandum.

According to an RCMP threat evaluation, it is believed that Hamdan will “continue to post on the internet information for the purpose of inciting others to commit terrorist acts.”

CBSA officials have indicated that the release conditions are not sufficient since Hamdan will be living with the same people as when he posted his original messages. 

“It is clear that the presence of the bondsperson in the respondent’s life in 2014 and 2015 did not prevent the respondent from calling for ISIS inspired [sic] violence and from posting information that could be useful to those prepared to commit acts of terrorism in Canada and abroad,” read the government report.

Despite being found not guilty on terror charges, Hamdan has been ordered for deportation for being a national security threat.