The chair of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police has dismissed the idea of a handgun ban in Canada, saying illegal guns are the true driver of gun violence in Canada.

At the association’s annual conference, Chair Adam Palmer, who also serves as Vancouver’s chief of police, acknowledged that Canada already has “very good” gun laws and that owning illegal guns is already a criminal offence.

“In every single case there are already offences for that. They’re already breaking the law and the criminal law in Canada addresses all of those circumstances,” he said.

“The firearms laws in Canada are actually very good right now. They’re very strict.”

Gun control has been a priority for the Liberal government since its election in 2015, with recent legislation making background checks even more strenuous.

A handgun ban has been floated by the Liberals recently as well, but no legislation has been put forward.

Palmer argued that Canadians cannot be naive by thinking a handgun ban would address violent crime, as illegal firearms and drugs will still be reaching Canada through the United States.

“People can’t be naive to the realities of how it works with organized crime and smuggling,” he said.

“There will always be an influx of guns from the United States into Canada… Heroin is illegal in Canada, too, but we have heroin in Canada.

In his recent video, True North’s Leo Knight expressed the same view as Canada’s law enforcement. Despite expert opposition, the government appears poised to further limit legal firearms in the future.

Organized crime reduction minister Bill Blair has refused to say whether or not he will ban handguns through a ministerial order, which could allow for a ban without a vote in parliament.

A Trudeau-appointed Senator also tried to put a handgun ban into the Liberals’ Bill C-71. That amendment was defeated in committee. 

Another more bizarre idea being suggested would force gun-owners to keep their guns in centralized government-owned facilities, rather than in their homes.

Blair also refused to commit to this idea, leaving Canadians in the dark about what the government is actually going to do.

So far the Liberals have remained silent on their gun -control plan if they get reelected, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his party’s plan will be revealed during the election.

“I very much look forward to the election campaign in which we will be able to share with Canadians our vision for how to keep Canadians safer,” Trudeau said.