Update: The British government has denied that Jon Venables will be sent to Canada.

Notorious child-killer and paedophile Jon Venables will be given money to move to Canada in a few short days because “it will be cheaper for UK taxpayers,” according to a report in the Daily Mail.

“The thinking is that it would be cheaper to get rid of him abroad, than keep forking out,” an insider source told the British newspaper.

Canadian sources have yet to confirm whether the country will be accepting Venables.

Venables was charged with the brutal murder of two-year-old James Bulger when he was ten years old. He has been granted new identities and kept anonymous by British officials since being convicted in 1993. 

Venables and another ten-year old accomplice, Robert Thompson, snatched Bulger from a Liverpool shopping mall. 

Officials claim they have grown weary of keeping his identity hidden from the public, who have exposed his past identities.

Venables is now 36-years old and is expected to be released and transferred abroad, most likely to Canada. Australia and New Zealand are also being considered as options.

Insider sources claim that the transfer will take place at night due to the risk posed by a “handful of people who know who he really is and where he is.” 

A British court ruled against a bid by Bulger’s family to have his identity revealed over concerns posed against his safety.

After his initial conviction, Venables was further jailed for possessing a paedophile manual and over 1,000 images of child pornography. 

On Sunday, Conservative Leader, Andrew Scheer, tweeted that it was “disturbing that this pedophile child killer might come to Canada. Apparently this isn’t the first time this has come up.”

“As Prime Minister I won’t let him come here. Where does Trudeau stand? Our country should not be a dumping ground for murderers, terrorists, and perverts.”